Premium SUR RON electric dirt bikes

life-time warranty:

PEGA scooters&bicycles are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Aluminum-magnesium alloy is an environmentally friendly material with high strength and corrosion resistance.As a testament to our craftsmanship, all of our frames are backed by life-time warranty.

Product source:

PEGA has two of our own factories in China, dedicated to the production of electric scooters and electric bicycles. Because of our natural geographical advantages, our product costs are relatively low. We have six years of production experience. Now, we have begun to invest in building our own brand and use wholesale prices as feedback to customers.


We have introduced a full range of SURRON dirt e-bikes since 2021 and continue to update all models, and we promise that all SURRON models sold by PEGA are brand new and authentic(all latest 2022 version), and have a lifetime warranty provided by PEGA. Our advantage is all in stock (shipped within 1 week).

Sur-Ron was founded in 2014 by three motorcycle and hi-tech enthusiasts. With a 30 Million USD of investment and a team of 40 engineers the Hi-Power E-Dirt Bike has come to life. This group of industry leading specialists combines the best in system engineering, developing the intelligent systems and implementing cutting-edge technology, and vehicle design, product development and manufacturing.  Today Sur-Ron employs more than 100 employees developing and manufacturing the highest quality E-Bikes in the business. Already achieving an internationally coveted Red Dot design award, this is the start of a range of ground-breaking performance products.

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2023 SURRON Light Bee X 60V 38Ah free shipping
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  • Sliver
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