Talaria Sting R MX4

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Talaria Sting R MX4

Ultimate Off-Road Thrill Machine - Talaria Sting R MX4!

The Brand New R Edition
Gear up for an unparalleled adventure with the Talaria Sting R MX4. This remarkable off-road electric dirt bike offers a series of enhancements that take your riding experience to the next level. Here's what makes it the ultimate choice for thrill-seekers:

Unmatched Durability and Quieter Ride:
Bid farewell to belt drive reductions! The Sting R MX4 features a gearbox that not only enhances durability but also delivers a remarkably quiet ride, ensuring an unparalleled experience. Forget about the hassle of changing belts - instead, enjoy a quick and easy oil change every 3000-5000 miles for a hassle-free maintenance routine.

Upgraded Braking System:
Safety is paramount, and that's why we've upgraded the braking system to offer you superior stopping power and heat dissipation. With larger and thicker rotors both front and rear (220mm x 2.3mm), coupled with robust, squeakless brake pads, you'll have full control over your ride. Plus, there are four levels of regenerative braking that you can adjust on the fly, increasing efficiency, extending your range, and reducing wear and tear on the mechanical braking system.


Why you should choose TALARIA STING R

Improved IPM Motor:
Our Sting R MX4 is equipped with an Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor featuring superior magnets and an advanced design. This translates to enhanced efficiency, better heat dissipation, and, most importantly, increased reliability. Say goodbye to concerns about loose magnets and demagnetized components. The inclusion of a magnetic encoder removes the need for hall sensors, making the motor more robust and capable of handling more power, all while providing a smoother and more responsive throttle experience.

High-Power Battery:
With a 45Ah 60V battery comprising LG 21700 cells, the Sting R MX4 offers a substantial 2700 watt-hours of power. This not only extends your range but also ensures uncompromised battery life. In fact, it's an impressive 18% improvement in range compared to the Surron X battery, making it a top-tier choice for any off-road adventure.

Outstanding Highlights:

  • +30% Peak Power, making it the most powerful in its category
  • Fast-Charging Time (Only 3 Hours)
  • Stronger Frame and Swing Arm
  • Easy-to-Adjust Regenerative Braking
  • Improved Battery Connector

2024 Upgrades:
The Sting R MX4 is packed with incredible enhancements for an even more thrilling ride:

  • 30% More Power
  • Improved Range with a 45Ah Battery and LG Cells
  • Upgraded Brake Rotors (220mm)
  • 4-Piston Brake Calipers and Master Cylinders
  • DC IPM Motor with 94% Efficiency
  • Fastace or Talaria Factory Suspension
  • New Seat Design
  • Rear Brake Disc Guard
  • Upgraded 125 Amp Circuit Breaker

Experience Limitless Range:
The Sting R MX4 boasts a 60V 45Ah lithium-ion power pack, featuring LG 21700 battery cells. It's easily swappable, ensuring limitless adventures. With an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) and optimized internal structure, this battery pack guarantees a safe and high-performance off-road riding experience.

Advanced Controller:
Our controller offers exceptional transient current impact resistance, anti-interference capabilities, high-precision voltage and discharge current control, error inspection, high and low-temperature protection, anti-runaway features, and smart energy regeneration. This ensures a powerful, exciting, and safe riding experience with an impressive range.

High-Contrast OLED Display:
The Sting R MX4 features a high-contrast OLED display that offers clear data with low power consumption. With CAN communication, the display communicates with the battery pack's BMS and the motor controller, providing essential information such as speed, range, battery data, riding mode, and more. Plus, it's adjustable to cater to different settings for various riding conditions.

Robust Powertrain:
Our customized powertrain design includes a high-efficiency brushless permanent magnet synchronous mid-drive motor, known for its top-class magnet material and advanced processing. This motor delivers 45N.m peak torque and is combined with high-precision gears, ensuring a quiet and durable power transmission system.

Main specification

85 kmh(53 mph)
60V (DC)
60V 45AH
LG Brand 21700 Cell (5000 MAH/Cell)
3.5 inch TFT
6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy
Talaria Factory
FR 70/100-19 / RR 80/100-19
120 km @ 25 Km/h
1880mm x 770mm x 1088mm
66 Kg (Including Battery)
Hydraulic brakes
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