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Nami Klima / Klima Max Electric Scooter Free shipping
Nami Klima 25ah - $2,614.00
  • Nami Klima 25ah - $2,614.00
  • Nami Klima max 30ah(LG) - $2,849.00

Nami Klima / Klima Max Electric Scooter Free shipping

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Top Speed

Well, while it’s not aiming for a record-breaking top speed, this scooter still hits an impressive 41.6 mph, which is faster than you’ll ever want to go on 10.0 inch wheels. Compared to other scooters in its class, it’s faster than the Phantom V3 at 40.3 mph, on par with the roadrunner RS5+ at 41.6 mph, and slower than the Vsett 10+ at 43.3 mph and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT at 45.3 mph.The scooter has five different riding modes, for complete control over how fast you go. E mode cuts your speed down to 30%, D to 60%, S to 80%, C to 90%, and X, gives you the max speed. And if you really want to push the limits and need an extra boost, the Turbo setting in the p-settings will give you a 12% increase in power and speed.

Ride Quality

The riding experience on this scooter is truly unparalleled. The dual rebound adjustable suspension (KKE coil shocks) and the 10.0-inch tubeless pneumatic street tires work in perfect harmony and make for a smooth and stable ride, even when going off-road.The dial on the suspension adjusts the rebound, letting you determine how quickly the suspension decompresses. You can also adjust the preload by tightening the collars on the bottom of the shocks.

Hill Climb

If you’re someone who loves to take on hills with your electric scooter, the NAMI KLIMA might pique your interest. Its powerful 1000W dual motor makes it a pretty impressive hill climber. We put it to the test on our steep 10% 200.0 ft hill test, and it zipped up there in just 7.7 seconds, maintaining a steady average speed of 17.8 mph. This performance puts it on par or even better than other scooters in its class.

Range and Battery

The NAMI KLIMA comes with two battery options: the 60V 25A on the Base model, which has a manufacturer-claimed range of 50.0 miles, and the 60V 30A (LG 21700 cells) on the Max Version, which offers a manufacturer-claimed range of 60.0 miles. These numbers tend to be overstated and it’s important to take them with a grain of salt.That’s exactly what we did when we tested the NAMI KLIMA Max with the 60V 30A battery. While the manufacturer claimed a range of 60.0 miles, we only managed to get 25.0 miles when riding aggressively in turbo mode–that’s less than half its stated range.But before you lose all hope, it’s essential to note that we were pushing the scooter to its limits, and by riding conservatively and avoiding turbo mode, you could easily get over 30.0 miles on a full battery.

Explore the Klima

  • Water Resistance / IP55 Certification
  • Smart dashboard / IP65 certification
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes – Logan – 2 pistons
  • Hydraulic suspension with rebound adjustment – KKE
  • 10 inch tubeless tires
  • Folding system designed by Nami Electric
  • Unique tubular frame (3 year warranty)
  • Customizable riding modes to suit your preferences

Nami Klima & Klima Max Electric Scooter

Meet the NAMI KLIMA - the brand new development from the makers of the record breaking Burn-E. With best in class torque for a speedy take off, fully customizable controls, adjustable suspension, supreme handling and stability, as well as full lighting and waterproofing, all at an attractive price point, this is the contender for the best performance scooter of 2023.

Insane Acceleration and Performance on a Budget.

Short review to show how customer satisfied with your product

Marry Reighard - New York

Short review to show how customer satisfied with your product

Marry Reighard - New York

Short review to show how customer satisfied with your product

Marry Reighard - New York

Short review to show how customer satisfied with your product

Marry Reighard - New York

Model NameNAMI klima MaxNAMI klima
Battery60V30AH (LG 21700)60V25AH (Chinese brand cell)
Controller40Ax2 sine wave with fully silicon seal
BrakeHydraulic Brake 2 piston
SuspensionKKE Hydraulic Shock with rebound adjustment - 
Max speed65 KMH
Range85km with 80 kg rider in average speed of 40km/h65km with 80 kg rider in average speed of 40km/h
Charger60V5A with 1 pcs of the charging port
Tire10x3.0 tubeless CST -
FrameAluminum welding one piece frame -
Swim armForged 
Folding systemStainless steel one piece clamp
Electric CableWater proof quick connector for all the cables
DashboardMultifunction Dashboard -
IP RateIP55 rain resistance -
Size1285 Length x 230 Width x 1230 Height
Deck to ground226mm -
Deck to handle bar995mm
ground clearance135mm
Package size1320 x 600 x 260 -
Net weight36 kg34 kg


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