Notice on Cancellation of Shipping Fee and Adjustment of Prices

Notice on Cancellation of Shipping Fee and Adjustment of Prices
  • To make it easier for you to see the total price, avoid seeing the total cost only at checkout. We now include shipping into the total product price, and all products start to be priced with free shipping.


  • Some people aren't sure if they need to pay something again when they place an order. We answer here uniformly: After completing the payment on our website, you will not need to pay any form of fee. Our prices include shipping, customs, and VAT. What you see is the total door-to-door price.


  • Regarding the price increase:
    We were notified that our selling prices had hurt some of our peers, so we were forced to increase our prices. Especially the NAMI product line.
    We still want to maintain the original price and bring the best price and product to people. In response, we will start setting up discount campaigns. You will be able to offset our increased price through discounts.
    For specific discount activities, please check the latest notice.


  • Please refrain from placing orders until our discounts go live (we expect to have our first discounts on August 17th). We don't want you to spend extra money.


  • If you have any questions, please contact us in time, you can use the INBOX instant chat tool on our website, but we prefer to recommend you to contact us with whatsapp and email.


thank you very much.
Bryan Miller